Dissemination Standards Bulletin Board (DSBB)

Special Data Dissemination Standard Plus

SDMX Data Structures for NSDP

The SDDS Plus prescribes disseminating data in SDMX format via a hyperlink provided on the adherent’s NSDP Plus, using one of the DSDs provided by the IMF for that purpose. The SDDS Plus Guide for Adherents and Users explains how to publish data using SDMX formats. SDMX-ML is the prescribed format for SDDS Plus. SDMX-ML messages use eXtended Mark-up Language (XML) format. SDMX-ML files, one per data category, must be publicly available from a URL posted on the NSDP Plus . The adherent also provides the URL to the IMF SDMX Registry. The URL gives direct access to an SDMX-ML file or to a web service that provides the file in the prescribed SDMX-ML format.

Adherents have the option of choosing between one of the two following types of DSDs:
i) A dissemination DSD provided by the IMF. This DSD follows SDMX 2.1 Standards’ Technical Note (Section recommendations for DSDs intended for “public viewing of data”. As such, the DSD includes a limited number of dimensions, facilitating web dissemination of the data while covering all prescribed and encouraged components of SDDS and SDDS Plus using a single DSD. (ECOFIN DSD and Indicator code list)

ii) A series of SDMX DSDs for global use, likely one per statistical domain. Two of these DSDs have been developed under the auspices of the SDMX Initiative. The Balance of Payments DSD (BOP-DSD) supports the detailed reporting of BOP, IIP, Reserves Template, CPIS, and external debt data. The National Accounts DSD (NA-DSD) covers national accounts, including sectoral accounts data. These DSDs are available on the Global Registry (https://registry.sdmx.org/home.html)

Adherents will be requested to inform the IMF, either directly or through the IMF SDMX Registry, of the DSDs being used to encode the various SDDS Plus data categories.